Art Director & Set Designer

Cybel GonzalezNin 


 Cybel is New York City native, who attended Art & Design HS and School of Visual Art in NYC. Previously she had worked in the high-end photo finishing, event lighting industry, and as a freelance makeup artist before landing  in e-commerce/product design under Patricia Field.



 Being a traditionally trained artist, making leaps from painting on canvas to faces, from drawing landscapes to building sets was, suprisingly, an easy transition. Learning hands-on through each creative role assumed and the years of art education gave a solid foundation to build upon. A true understanding of how light affects the set and how it translates on skin tone as well as printed; is formed from having a diverse work history.


 Cybel has ten years experience in the creative arts and has the unique ability to troubleshoot quickly and understand each creative team members issue because she has personally experienced each role; which in the end, makes her a better art director.

Client List

Patricia Field

Absolut Vodka

Skyy Vodka

Diet Coke


Dharma Eyewear

Shoot HR Studios

Tri-Boro Films


2010 - present

Work Experience

Absolut Vodak: Internal Commercial featuring Wood Kid 2013

Prop Master


Volvo Commercial  2013

Prop Master





"Dream State" Short Film  2014

Production Designer 

In Post-Production



"Sky Paradise" Short Film  2013

Production Designer


"On Deck with Lucy" Public Access Show on NYC Trends  2013

Season 2 : Episodes  1 and 2

Art Director *miscredited as set designer



Music Videos

Sky Heavens -"Heaven Hear Me Cry" as seen on MTV UK 

Art Director


Slayback "Drop It Low" 

Art Director


Kay'vion  "Cloud 9 Junokey" 

Art Director


Hierosonic  "The Media Taught You That" as seen on MTV VH1

Art Director


Dai Burger  "Wild Thang"  

Art Director



Patricia Field - Art Directed Patricia Revamp , designed fashion goods under PF brand, e-Commerce and Web Product Photography Management and website management.


Dharma Eyewear - Art Directed Dharma Launch Campaign.


Little Nao NYC - Art Directed e-commerce website, products and designed brand.


Prohibition Clothing - Art Directed e-commerce shoot of womens line.



SEEK ME Magazine (USA) November 2014

City Life Magazine (Canada) November 2014

Kurv Magazine (Australia) October 2014

Kurv Magazine (Australia) April 2014

Status Magazine (Manila)  April 2014     







Photo Finishing Knowledge

Event Lighting Knowledge

Traditional Painting



Digital Retouching

Graphic Design

Makeup Artist








Services Provided

Art Direction

Set Design

Prop Master

Prop Rentals

Prop Creation

Story Boards

Graphic Design



Comps & MoodBoards



Production Services:


Crew Booking

Studio Booking








2010 - present

Art & Design High School
Commercial Art Major
School of Visual Arts College
Commercial Art Major