Hayao Miyazaki retires

I have been a huge fan of Mr. Miyazaki's work since I first saw my neighbor Totoro and I honestly think he's the closest thing we have to a living Walt Disney. The man has his finger on the pulse of childhood and creates stories with such sincereity it's hard not to fall in love with each film. His retirement is of course well deserved but it does sadden me. Everything from the art direction to the music in each of his films carries such honesty and weight that it's hard to find similar sentiment in animated films aimed in the USA for children (The last Airbender series comes to mind as an exception). The man is brilliant and creates magic in a world that is in terrible need of innocent beauty and child like carefreeness. Whatever he does in his retirement I hope it brings him joy, for I know my inner child has received so much joy while watching his films. I'd just like to say thank you from one humble artist and fan.


Source: Miyazaki Retires

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