The process of making art

I wanted to share the creative process behind making an image. For me the final image is always smoke and mirrors, it's refreshing to show what is behind the curtain, to be honest. The first step is inspiration and honestly that can be found ANYWHERE! I'm always on the look out for my muse in whatever shape it comes in. I have been inspired by songs, a stroll through a garden or a random sighting on the street. The inspiration for the test images I'm working on came from a beautiful image I found on the net, you can see it on our facebook page and from a trip to the Botanical Gardens.

Once inspired I draw small thumbnails trying hard to avoid details (I'm a type A so I get bogged down with detail) and make several different compositions. Once I narrow it down to the thumbnail I like, I either do a larger drawing on paper or go into Photoshop to do a rough mock up, mostly for placement. I usually all ready know what color palette I want to use and the general mood I want to convey. Once all the kinks are worked out in the mock up stage I can proceed to the fun part, bringing it to life.

Then I get to building, buying or renting props, this is the easiest part of the process. Then I tweak, lighting, slight composition re-works. After shoot is over, I edit down to my favorites. I do this by sorta blurring my eyes and selecting the ones that grab my attention quickly, I then do a second edit with stricter guidelines. I try to cut it down to no more than 2 versions of the same composition. Retouching is then done and...voila! Smoke and mirrors..a beautiful image! <3 Cyb, your friendly neighborhood art director

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