Side-eyeing Taylor Swift's opening set for AMA's...

I got a text from my friend asking me if I had designed #Taylorswift 's set for AMA performance? Of course I hadn't, that would have been a nice notch in the belt. I did a very similar set 2 years ago for an indie music video. Could I have been ripped off by Swift's set designer? If I was, I'm flattered and annoyed I wasn't just hired to do it. If it was just the case of two minds think alike, then me and this set designer have to melt our minds together and become one super-human designing machine, because we can become not what the music world wants but the art director the music world NEEDS! :P -Cybel your friendly neighborhood art director often (lol) imitated but never duplicated! #taylorswift #ama #setdesign #rippedoffsetdesign #justhiremeinstead #fml #greatmindsthinkalike? #gurlIwouldhavedoneamuchbetterjobforyou!

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